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Creativity is Only Limited by Your Imagination!

Let's Make it Happen!

  • No More saying, "I've no money"!
  • No more saying, "When the time is right!"

It doesn't matter if it's a Music Video, a Short Film, a Feature, a Video Podcast, a Commercial, Photography Project, Painting or otherwise Arts related activity!

We're here to help you realise your "Creative Dreams", all you gotta do is reach out and start the ball rolling, at rates you can afford and easy payment terms...

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Easy Payment Plans Available

Not only are our rates incredibly low, to support the Arts, but we are able to provide anyone with a payment plan to make hiring our facilities and hardware a breeze and feel really light on your pocket...

Our Studios

Everything under One Roof at Incredible Rates and Such Easy Access

Main Soundstage

Our main soundstage is a fully customisable 6m x 8m floorspace with a 5m Eaves height, meaning it is possible to build two storey buildings / sets with the assistance of our qualified Gaffers and Key Tradespeople that can construct any set, and from very affordable materials too, quite possibly cheaper than anything in any other studio in the country.

4 x 5m Studio

Our Smaller Studio is a fully customisable space and can work as a Video Village, Art Room, Video Podcast Studio, Film Set, or Editing Area subject to the needs of a particular project. It also has great atmosphere and feel for photography projects. It can also be combined with the Main Soundstage to be one studio, opening the Accordian Doors to the 4x5 studio.

Multifunctional Office

When we are not using our Multifunctional office that sits above both studio spaces, it makes perfect sense that it becomes available to use for the needs of a production crew and it has fantastic IT hardware for mutliple purposes, not just office work, but design and editing too. We also have a range of portable Notebooks for Photography Editing and Viewing.

Postproduction Suite

Our Postproduction Suite is a fully interfased Surface Control Desk from our partners Berhinger and Panasonic for Audio and Video Editing with full 8k, 4k and Full HD Editing and Mastering capabilities.

Film and Audio Hardware

Our range of hardware includes everything from Cinema Cameras to DSLR's and Vintage Analogue Cameras both for Cinema and Stills. We also have Lighting, Sound, Props, Modular Blank Sets, Green Screens and more all for rent...


Rippin Studios is home to SkyHigh Productions®, so we're no strangers to content creation and the all important key to success; Distribution. We can help with sets, filming, funding, audience building, distribution and sales.

Studio Rates

We have a number of packages to suit various needs depending on the type of creative entity needing our facilities and / or services:

  • Weekend Rates: Fri @1800hrs to Mon @0600hrs
  • 4x5 Studio Blank €100
  • Main Soundstage Blank €200
  • Full Studio Incl. Equipment Pkge €1205
  • Cine Camera Package Rental €579
  • Postproduction Suite Rental €300
  • Medium Term Rental (12 week project minimum) €11,568
  • Long Term Rental (more than 12 weeks) Negotiable
  • Daily Rates
  • 4x5 Studio Blank €60
  • Main Soundstage Blank €110
  • Postproduction Suite €90
  • Video Podcast Studio with Data €90
  • Week Night Rentals: 1800-0400hrs
  • Hourly €20
  • Full Night €180
250 +

About RippinStudios™

RippinStudios™ is not just a space, it's a vision for the future!

What it is!

RippinStudios™ is a former warehouse in Drogheda, converted into a functioning Studio Space that is mainly designed for Film & Television, Video Podcasts, Shows and Postproduction of Audio / Visual Media.

It's sole purpose is to make it more affordable for Creatives to make amazing work compared with Dublin Space Rates.

Who It is For!

The Space is there for Creative Artists that cannot afford to rent expensive space and studios in Dublin City and elsewhere. This includes;

  • Filmmakers
  • Indies
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Visual Artists
  • Producers
  • Small Prod. Houses
  • ¤


As a filmmaker and entrepreneur working with limited budgets, our founder Seán Ó has increasingly struggled to find suitable spaces to work in peace and at affordable rates since 2016. Seán always had a vision of opening his own studio, and realised others also needed creative space, so he made the decision to prove his concept in 2020. RippinStudios was born...


Expanding on the Concept: Throughout 2021, Seán's goal is to continue building on the foundations of 2020 and secure a second & third location in Drogheda permitting us to build a larger 'lot' of studios and begin our Augmented Reality and Business Partnerships Journey.

This is the start of a journey that will change the world as we know it!

Find Us!

Drop us a line using the form below or click on the Map to the right to get to our studios, our Eircode is A92 FE04 which, plugged into Googlemaps, will bring you straight to our front door!

Our Office Hours

These are our Standard Office Business Operating Hours for booking the Studio and its facilities or hiring Equipment. Please note, Studio Operational Hours are 24/7 All Week Long...

  • Monday 09:00-17:00
  • Tuesday 09:00-17:00
  • Wednesday 09:00-17:00
  • Thursday 09:00-17:00
  • Friday 09:00-17:00
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